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Case Studies


Master Kaushik Jadav was born in 1998 with Spinal Disorder Lumbar Syringomyelia, which caused non-functional urinary bladder and bilateral refluxing ureters causing urine to flow up towards kidneys rather than urine coming out through natural passage. He underwent bilateral loop ureterostomy with abdominal skin urinary openings in year 2000. He had repeated admissions for urine infections since then. His kidney function started deteriorating since 2010 and he reached kidney failure stage requiring maintenance haemodialysis in Nov 2013. He presented to Dr. Raj Mandot with severe septicemia Feb 2014. He was treated for septicemia and thoroughly investigated for Renal Transplant. On evaluation, his bladder capacity was 50cc only, making renal transplant a distant possibility. Finally, decision was taken to remove both his old kidneys and direct suprapubic bladder catheterization was done. Renal Transplant was carried out in April 2014 under Dr. Raj Mandot at SAL hospital with father Mr. Vijay Jadav as donor.

This patient is one of those rarest cases where renal failure patient with negligible bladder capacity has undergone renal transplant with direct suprapubic bladder catheterisation.

After completion of 6 months post kidney transplant, he had undergone Augmentation Cystoplasty to improve bladder capacity. Since last 6 months, he is off permanent bladder catheter and is doing self catheterisation.

Case Study 2 :- MIRACLE BABY

Mrs. Shraddha Kunal Patel, at present 29 years, married female was diagnosed as suffering from Chronic Kidney disease in year 2009. She reached End Stage Renal Disease in year 2013 and started on maintenance haemodialysis . She was investigated for an abdominal discomfort in May 2014. On investigation, she was found to have 14 weeks pregnancy.

The family in consultation with Dr. Raj Mandot, their nephrologist, decided to continue pregnancy. She delivered a live healthy female child at 28 weeks pregnancy through LSCS. The baby was kept under care of neonatologist for 6 weeks. Both the mother and child are at present healthy with no medical complications.

This is one of those rarest of the rare cases where a young female on maitainencehemodialysis became pregnant and delivered healthy child.


Master Mahrishi Shukla was born with bilateral refluxing ureters (part of urine goes back to kidney instead of coming out of natural passage). He was diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure and kidney failure at 8 years of age. He was started on maintenance haemodialysis under care of Dr. RAJ MANDOT, nephrologist. He had difficult to control blood pressure, for which he was hospitalized 8 times. Once he needed ventilatory support due to flash pulmonary edema & convulsions needing anaesthetic agents to control convulsion.

His father decided to donate kidney but family finance were not sufficient to pay for kidney transplant. He was financially helped by Dr. Raj Mandot / NGO’s and SAL Hospital. His transplant was done on 14/02/2014 under Dr. Raj Mandot , Dr. Tejanshu Shah, Dr.KirtipalVisana at SAL hospital.

He had difficult to control blood pressure before and after transplant needing both old kidneys to be removed & supramaximal doses of all available oral and intravenous anti-hypertensives. His blood pressor was 200/120 till 4 hours before transplant was scheduled.He has completed 15 months post-transplant and his S.creatinine is around 0.6mg / dL with very minimal blood pressure medicines.